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Our carved wood signs are the perfect tool for businesses that rely on foot traffic. In pedestrian villages and malls, a business often gets only one chance to make a favorable first impression about the quality of the services offered within.

Wood signs are popular in mountain resort areas, historical districts, pedestrian malls and tourist destinations. Ramsey's signs are not intended to compete with computer generated sandblasted or machine carved signs that are common in these areas, but rather to reflect the quality and care that a unique business has to offer.

Ramsey's signs will set your business apart from your run of the mill competitors.

Omega Watch Shop
The sign to the right was carved for the door of a watch and clock shop in Zermatt, Switzerland. The scroll on the lower left is the handle to pull the door open. The Omega logo at the top is plated with 23K gold leaf
Country Rose Cafe Restaurant The sign below, hangs outside a jewelry store in Nevada City CA. The three dimensional sculpted figure is a portrait of the jewelry artist who owns the store. The figure is holding a large faceted crystal.
Utopian Stone Jewelry Store
This carving is the logo for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico Ca.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Brewery Logo
Whymperstube Restaurant The sign to the left is for the Whymperstube, restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland.

The Whymperstube, located in the Hotel Monte Rosa, is named after British climber, Edward Whymper who was the first person to reach the summit of the Matterhorn. The restaurant entrance is a short distance down the side street and this sign/menu board is on the corner of the main street.

El Bandito Restaurant
Camila's Sweater Store
The sign to the left is for a shop in the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City CA
King Tut Gold Leaf Sign
The sign to the right was also for a shop in the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City CA on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

The King Tut figure is carved three dimensionally and plated with 23K gold leaf.

Zamoura Restaurant
The sign to the left was for the Zamoura Restaurant in the Hotel Poste in Zematt, Switzerland. It was situated in the lobby to direct visitors to the restaurant in another part of the hotel
Border House Brewery
Since 1971, we have created custom hand carved residential and commercial wood signs in the Lake Tahoe region, Italy and Switzerland. Since 1996 we have been shipping signs nationwide. Our signs are unique in his hand carving and painting technique. Our use of raised letters, high relief carving, flowing designs and fine details distinquish our award winning signs. Our signs are ideal for pedestrian villages and malls, bed and breakfast inns or iany application where a good visual first impression is imperative.

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Custom made hand carved wood signs, hand carved doors, nature, wildlife & traditional architectural wood carving and wood sculpture.

Ordering a sign.

Commercial signs can be ordered either over the phone or by email. We can carve any logo or design you may already have or I can design a sign with any subject or image. Don't be afraid to suggest any idea you might have for your carved wooden sign. I also do logo design and can design a concept for your business.


Prices are determined by size, design and the amount of labor required to create your individual business statement. I can carve signs any size you choose. The design can be low relief, high relief or 3 dimensional high re Commercial Signs lief. Email or call for pricing. For custom designs, there is a $250 deposit for a rough sketch that is applied to the price of the sign when you order. If you want a more detailed drawing or logo design, I charge a drawing fee that is in addition to the price of the sign. Shipping and handling is extra and is calculated based on the cost of crating, shipping and insurance . For orders to be shipped to either California or Nevada, sales tax will be added.

Placing the order

For signs that cost $500 or less, I require full payment, including the Commercial Signs shipping cost, with the order. For signs that are more than $500, I require a 50% deposit with the order and the balance is due, including shipping on completion. I will email you a photo of the completed sign. I accept personal checks.

Completion timing is based on the backlog of orders we have at the time you order. Email for scheduling information.

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