Tiered Pricing Example
I have two mantels on my web site with the raccoon fishing. The price can be flexible because there are a number of options on a mantel with this type of design. Below are some descriptions of some of these options. There are many possible variations in between these options. Feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have. All my work is priced by the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art. Sometimes it works better for you tell me the price you are comfortable with and I can design a carving to fit your price.

I can also do a mantel of this type with a bear instead of a raccoon.

The price for a mantel, like the first one below, carved from an 8" x 8" solid beam 5' to 6' long, would be $5280. If I were to eliminate the pine cones and pine branches, the price would be $4300.

The next option I call  "high relief style". Below is a mantel that I carved with fish in this style. This style is very dimensional.  It may be hard to see the difference, in photos, between this style and the sculptural style below. below, but I would describe this option as "three-quarter sculpture".  In this style, the figures are carved proud of the backing wood, but not as completely as in the third option. It is a very dramatic statement, but offers a shallower depth of detail than the third option.  In this style, the jumping fish would be three dimensional like in the photos below and the raccoon would be sculpted in the round on top of the mantel. As you view it from the front, the effect would be very much like the option in the photos below.  The price on this option, 5' to 6' x 8"  in this high relief style,  would be $10,500 plus shipping. I could also do a version with fewer fish for $9500

More options.....Pictured below is the other raccoon and fish mantel on my web site.  It could more accurately be described as a sculpture rather than a carved mantel.  The fish on the mantel are carved in the round, and attached to the backing mantel by only a very small amount of wood.  This creates a very dramatic sculptural quality to the carvings, and is a very deep palette on which to create movement and detail.  The size of this mantel is 12" x 12" x 96" plus the height of the raccoon on top. The price is $15,950. I could do the same design  and scale the mantel down to 8" high, plus the height of the raccoon. The price for this option 5' to 6' x 8" x 8" plus the heigt of the raccoon would be $10,500. I could carve a version with fewer fish for $9500.
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