Custom Made Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels
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Custom made hand carved wooden mantles, hand carved doors, nature, wildlife & traditional architectural wood carving and wood sculpture.

Our use of high relief carving and three dimensional carving on our carved doors and carved mantels as well as our masterly applications of airbrush stain brings out the detail and dimension in a manner that stands above other architectural carvings

Don't be fooled by some of the low priced CNC (computer carved) mantels advertised on the web. The details are crudely carved and close inspection reveals the low quality of the details.

Commissions welcome.

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Carved Quail Mantel
Quail Mantel
Fish School Raccoon mantel
Fish School Mantel
Each mantel is custom made. We can work from the designs you see here or We can design a project with any subject matter you want. Prices are determined by size, type of material, design and the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art. If you have a budget in mind, we can design the mantel to fit. Many of the designs you see here can be customized to fit your needs. We have been carving professionally for 45 years and take pride in our ability to tailor the design and price to each client's needs.

It's best to order your mantel as early as you can but if you are on a tight schedule, and your mason is scheduled to install your fireplace soon, you can put up a plywood box that the mason can rock up to and you cn then slide the mantel in later and tuck point around it.

Our mantels are designed with a cutout in the back and constucted so that mounting hardware is not visible. This allows clean looking installation. We provide working drawings that you or your contractor can work from.

Grape Vine Mantel Wine Grape Mantel
Grape Vine Mantel Carved Wine Grape Mantel
Wine Grape Monogram Mantel Classic Acanthus Mantel
Wine Grape Monogram Mantel classic acanthus mantel
Baby Bear Cubs Mantel Bluegrass Music Mantel
baby bear cubs mantel Bluegrass Mantel
Cardinal Mantel Deer Bear Mantel
Cardinal mantel Deer Bear Mantel
Puma Mantel Oak Leaf Acorn Mantel
Mountain Lion Mantel Oak Leaf Acorn Mantel
Deer Maple Mantel Raccoon Fishing Mantel
Deer Maple Mantel Raccoon Fishing Mantel
Log Cabin Mantel Blue Jay Oak Leaves Mantel
Bear Log Cabin Mantel Blue Jay Mantel
Jumping Horses Mantel Feliz Caminos Mantel
Jumping Horses Mantel Mantel with lettering
Beaver Mantel Bear Fishing
carved-mantel-beaver bear-fishing-mantel
Bear Deer Mantel with Stick Border. Baby Raccoons Mantel
hand-carved-mantel-with-stick-border Baby Raccoons Mantel
Skiing Mantel
Bear Cubs Playing Mantel
Skiing Mantel
bear cubs playing carved mantel
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