Three Dimensional Raccoon and Fish Mantel
This mantel could more accurately be described as a sculpture rather than a carved mantel. The fish on the mantel are carved in the round, and attached to the backing mantel by only a very small amount of wood. This creates a very dramatic sculptural quality to the carvings, and is a very deep palette on which to create movement and detail.

Scroll down to view more photos of this sculptural piece.

I ship most of my work across the country and I seldom have an opportunity to photograph the finished piece after it has been installed. The first photo on this page shows this mantel in a setting with the fireplace. That is a PhotoShop rendition that I created to show how the mantel would look installed. The actual installation included wrap around returns. Here are aditional photos that show the elements that were included in the whole sculpture.

Swimming among the reeds is a copper turtle sculpture created by my wife, Karen Olsen Ramsey. It is entirely hand fabricated using chasing and repousse technicques. Karen often collaborates with me to create lifelike bees, mayflies, butterflies, other insects, and small creatures, adding an additional element of suprise and interest to the carvings.

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