Hand Carved Doors
The carved entryway pictured above was recently chosen as the first place winner in the 2016, "Best In Wood", national woodworking competition sponsored by Woodworking Network. It is 11' wide x 8' tall and is carved from Alder. It was designed by Ron Ramsey and carved by Gavin Clark. The eagle is fully three dimensional and the Orca protrudes 5" above the surface of the door. This front entryway is carved on both sides. The upper portion is carved and tempered glass.
Carved wood doors, carved wood mantels,
nature, wildlife & traditional architectural woodcarving and wood sculpture.

Our use of sculptural high relief and three dimensional carving on carved doors and carved mantels stands above other architectural carvings.

Our designs encompass the whole entry, often incorporating carved handles as well.

Our masterly applications of airbrush stain adds life, detail and dimension in a manner that no others do.

Flying Geese Door
Bear Door Eating Honey
Our high relief style of door carving employs building up layers of wood 3"or more above the door surface. This adds life like dimension to the animals and foliage. The squirrel, blue jay and pine cones on this wildlife carved door are sculpted three dimensionally . Branches are then added, creating the handles of the door.
This door is carved in low relief. We start with a stile and rail panel door and carve the design directly into the door. Our technique of airbrush staining, highlights the detail, as well as adds dimension to the carving. By employing these techniques, this carved door is less time consuming than high relief doors. This allows for a more affordable, yet high quality work of art.
Bear Cubs Door
For the sculpted door on the left, 3" layers of wood are added to the surface of the door and carved to create 3 dimensional quality in the animals. We then add branches and 3 dimensional pine cones to the surface of the door. The window opening is cut and a stained leaded glass window is installed with a custom made stop. The stop follows the curve and shape of the mountains on the back of the door. The sidelights are separate frames with stained leaded glass. The glass design reflects the indiginous foilage that surrounds the home.
Aspen Entryway

This three part entry consists of two fixed sidelights and a center active door. The tree trunk carvings overlay tempered thermal glass. They are carved on both sides so the carving can be viewed from the inside as well. The branches extend across the breaks so that the whole design in integrated. The door pull is a carved tree branch. The whole entry was pre-hung and mounted in frames that were ready to install inthe clients rough framed opening. All that needed to be done was to install the trim.

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