Door Prices
Each door is custom made. Prices are determined by size, type of material, design and the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art. I can carve doors out many types of wood and make them any size you choose. The design can be low relief, high relief or 3 dimensional high relief. Please see below to view examples of the different styles. If you have a budget in mind, I can design the door to fit.

My doors come finished with five coats of marine spar urethane and have an airbrushed stain to bring out the dimension and detail. Custom staining and color matching is extra and is charged on a time and materials basis.

If you want a custom design, I require a $250 deposit for sketches. Don’t be afraid to suggest any ideas you might have. I take pride in my ability to tailor the price and design to each client’s needs. I do several rough conceptual sketches. After you choose a concept, I then do a more detailed sketch of your design.

Shipping is extra. The cost of shipping will vary with the item, size, weight and destination. If you choose a style, and tell me the zip code of the destination, I can give you an estimate on the cost of shipping. If you want the door to be shipped insured, the insurance cost is calculated as a percentage of the price. Shipping cost can vary with the price of fuel at the time the door is completed. When you order, I require a deposit. The deposit percent will be based on the price. It will usually be 50%. The balance is due on completion prior to shipping. I will e-mail you photos in-progress as well as a photo of the completed door.

These are sample prices to give you idea of a range of what you can expect to pay for a door. 

Low Relief

This door is carved in low relief. This style is what you commonly see other carvers do. However my, doors stand out and look more dimensional because of the airbrush staining.

I start with a stile and rail panel door and carve the design directly into the door. My technique of airbrush staining, highlights the detail, as well as adding dimension to the carving. By employing these techniques, this carved door is less time consuming than high relief doors. This allows for a more affordable, yet high quality work of art.

Prices for a door of this type tyically range between $6500 and $8500


Aspen & Pine

High Relief

This door is carved in high relief. It is a process where I add layers of wood up to 2" above the surface of the door so that the details stand above the surface. Clear tempered thermal glass is installed. This process is more time consuming to produce, but the effect is highly dimensional and dramatic.

A door like this will typically run between $8500 and $12,500

Climbing Cubs Door with sidelights.

3 Dimensional High Relief

For this door, layers of wood are then built up 3" or more above the surface to create a 3 dimensional quality to the animals. I then add branches and 3-d pine cones to the surface of the door. The window opening is cut and a stained leaded glass window is installed with a custom made stop that follows the curve and shape of the mountains on the back of the door. The sidelights are separate frames with stained leaded glass. The rough framing and trim is installed by your contractor. Building a door set like this is very labor intensive, but the effect is stunning.

Doors of this type with glass sidelights start at $16,500 and are only limited by your imagination.

This door and sidelight have carved glass mounted in them. The scene extends from the glass into the door. The high relief bear and branch is built up above the surface.

A door of this type typically runs between $12,500 and $18,000.

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